ZanyBlue Library and Tools

This documentation covers version 1.3 of the ZanyBlue library and applications. For download information see Downloads. If you encounter bugs in this software, please file reports in the Source Forge Bug Tracker. You can also visit the Source Forge ZanyBlue Project Page.

This documentation is also available as a single PDF file.

Globalization Support

The initial functionality covers globalization support for Ada. Globalization, (normally abbreviated to simply g11n) covers support within the source code for multiple languages (this is termed internationalization or i18n) and the ability to supply translations for strings used in an application (localization or l10n). Globalization is supported by the ZanyBlue text library by providing routines to access and format messages in Ada sources (the i18n aspect of g11n) and localization via the externalization of messages strings to properties files. For example, the following properties file defines a simple message refered to in the source code via the key Hello:

Hello=Hello World, I am {0}

An Ada application code could print this message using the accessor routine

Name : constant String := "Michael";
Print_Hello (+Name);

See The Text Package documentation and The zbmcompile Utility application.

Parameter Handling

To support command line handling and user defined parameters and scopes in the zbtest application, the Parameters packages are available, e.g.,

Parameters : Parameter_Set_Type;
Parameters.Set_Boolean ("verbose", True);
if Parameters.Get_Boolean ("verbose") then
end if;

Testing Application

The stability of the code based is improved via a large set of tests. These tests are split between AUnit based unit-tests and a set of tests designed to exercise the ZanyBlue utilities, more black-box style testing. These tests use the zbtest utility. There is no formal documentation on this at this time other than the built-in help and the example test scripts in the tests directory.


ZanyBlue is distributed under the terms of a BSD-style license. See ZanyBlue License for details.

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